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Commits on Sep 15, 2009
  1. installer: Small fix for the /dev/serno changes.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    Protect against the case where a /dev/serno/ directory exists but
    the disk we want to install to doesn't have a node in it.
  2. AHCI - Note on previous commit, power management support.

    Matthew Dillon committed
    The power management in commit f17a0ce
    was authored by Johannes Hofmann <>.  It got mixed
    in with another commit and was not properly annotated.
  3. RELEASE 2.4 - Release Engineering on master adjust to 2.5

    Matthew Dillon committed
  4. nrelease - USB image - use a noatime mount.

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Mount the root for a USB disk key boot noatime to avoid unnecessary writes
      to the USB disk key.
  5. Merge branch 'master' of ssh://…

    Matthew Dillon committed
  6. fdisk - Use heads = 255 on file images

    Matthew Dillon committed
    When operating on a file image use max values for sectors and heads in
    order to match the case where the file might exceed the CHS limit.  By
    convention the CHS fields are set to all 1's in this case.
    If our sectors and heads are not set at max values then the all 1's case
    will result in a geometry that overflows the originally specified sectors
    and heads which can brick the BIOS.
  7. @corecode

    amd64: sync AMD64_GENERIC and platform/files with i386

    corecode committed
    Pull up most devices from GENERIC into AMD64_GENERIC.  I left out those
    that don't compile, which are basically only isa-only network drivers.
    Temporarilty use the generic crypto functions until assembler versions
    are imported.
Commits on Sep 14, 2009
  1. @corecode

    buildkernel, nrelease: use AMD64_GENERIC as kernel default config

    corecode committed
    buildkernel and nrelease both defaulted to GENERIC as kernel.  This does
    not work for amd64 builds, since GENERIC is i386.
    Add a makeshift hack by selecting AMD64_GENERIC if we're buildin for/on
    amd64.  This needs to go away and be solved in a more sensible way.
    Ok: dillon@
  2. installer: More /dev/serno work.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    Take back the devtab(5) support in the installer.
    mountroot didn't work for the UFS with serial numbers case since the
    data for '/' is taken from fstab and that would have a devtab label
    in it and we're not setting vfs.root.mountfrom explicitly for UFS.
    We don't want to, either.
    So just use /dev/serno/* nodes (which will work everywhere) always.
    Suggested-by: dillon
  3. games - mille - remove #ifdef madness

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Submitted-by: Ulrich Spoerlein <>
  4. games - misc - clean up compiler warnings

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Submitted-by: Ulrich Spoerlein <>
  5. games - hunt - minor include fix for portability.

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Submitted-by: Ulrich Spoerlein <>
  6. games - backgammon - use defined names instead of magic numbers.

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Submitted-by: Ulrich Spoerlein <>
  7. games - bs - remove redundant libmytinfo

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Submitted-by: Ulrich Spoerlein <>
  8. games - atc - replace sgtty with termios, remove #ifdef madness, fix …

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Submitted-by: Ulrich Spoerlein <>
  9. installer: Add serial number and /etc/devtab support.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    If a disk has a corresponding entry in /dev/serno with identical
    major/minor, use that for all further references of the disk in the
    installation process.
    In the installed system, set up a /etc/devtab entry (with the labels
    named disk0, disk1 etc. using the order of the disks appearing in
    'sysctl kern.disks' output) and use this label for the system's
    /etc/fstab entries.
    /boot/loader.conf still has to use /dev/serno for its vfs.root.mountfrom
    The dumpdev entry in /etc/rc.conf could use the devtab label but (as
    of this commit) doesn't do so yet. This will be fixed at a later point.
    If no /dev/serno is found, or if no corresponding entry in /dev/serno
    is found for a specific disk, we use the traditional scheme.
    While I'm here, perform some cleanup, namely remove some duplicate
    Requested-by-and-in-discussion-with: dillon
  10. Kernel - change sync_on_panic default to 0

    Matthew Dillon committed
    No longer attempt to sync the buffer cache when a panic occurs.  This
    has always been problematic, HAMMER will ignore the attempt anyway,
    and now we are formalizing that we no longer try.
    This also improves the chances of the system dumping and rebooting
    after a panic vs freezing up.
  11. @corecode

    Revert "Increase the default TCP maximum segment size from 512 to 1460."

    corecode committed
    This reverts commit d190343.
    It seems that there are systems (probably firewalls) in action which
    enforce an MSS of 536.
    Specifically, at, port 80, packets seem to be
    simply dropped if they exceed a MSS of 536 bytes, and no ICMP
    destinatino unreachable, need to fragment message is generated.
    While this behavior might be questionable as well, we should not diverge
    from established standards.
    This default MSS value can be changed using the sysctl node
    Mandated by RFC 879, RFC 1122.
  12. ext2fs - A few bug fixes and syntax adjustments.

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Primarily fix a brelse that needs to be placed before a vx_put instead
      of after.  And use bqrelse() instead of brelse() when retrieving an inode.
    * Syntax adjustments.
    * NOTE: Only part of the FreeBSD patch was applied.
    Submitted-by: "Pedro F. Giffuni" <> (GSOC project)
  13. AHCI - zero-pad ATAPI commands

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * ATAPI commands sent via the SCSI layer which are less then 16 bytes
      are now zero-padded to 16 bytes.  The SATA protocol itself just sends
      the whole FIS, so no more or less data is being sent.  But extra bytes
      will not be sent as zero.
    Discussed-with: "Alex Hornung" <>
  14. AHCI - No longer cycle the port during port initialization

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Do not try to start the port during port initialization.  ST is not
      supposed to be set unless we detect a device on the port(?).
Commits on Sep 13, 2009
  1. Merge branch 'master' of ssh://…

    Matthew Dillon committed
  2. DEVFS - Fixed missed unlock when attempting to list a hidden directory

    Matthew Dillon committed
    Reported-by: Sascha Wildner <>
  3. @corecode

    Makefile.inc1: don't build aicasm

    corecode committed
    aicasm is built by the kernel Makefile, so there is no need to do this
    from Makefile.inc1.
  4. make upgrade: Remove a file that was existing with a dir name for a w…

    Sascha Wildner committed
    mtree couldn't create the directory because of that.
    This can't be fixed with so we need a bit of
    additional code for such cases.
  5. Sync LiveDVD kernel configs with GENERIC.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  6. mtree: No longer create /usr/libdata/msdosfs.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  7. make upgrade: Take back destroy_dev(9), it still exists.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  8. Switch pkg_radd and pkg_search to appropriate CPU type path, i386 or …

    Justin C. Sherrill committed
  9. DEVFS - Wait an extra 2 seconds before looking for the root mount

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Some drivers pickup devices asynchronously in a manner which the
      intitial CAM probe does not cover.  Try to give these drivers a little
      extra time to pickup devices before mounting root.  This is a hack.
  10. Merge branch 'master' of ssh://…

    Matthew Dillon committed
  11. DEVFS - Fix unprintables in serial numbers reported by the device

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Some device serial numbers contain weird punctuation and unprintable
      characters.  Replace unprintables and other weird characters with
    Testing-by: Sascha Wildner <>
  12. /etc/devtab: Fix wording in comments.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  13. Adjust/cleanup fstab.5 a bit.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  14. Add a tentative devtab(5) manual page.

    Sascha Wildner committed
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