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Commits on Nov 8, 2010
  1. test commit

    Matthew Dillon committed
  2. @bwalex

    acpi.4 - correct cpu_idle_hlt foo

    bwalex committed
    * According to code commnets in the machdep.c files, cpu_idle_hlt=2 is
      using ACPI sleep states. Setting it to 1 just uses the hlt
  3. @bwalex
Commits on Nov 7, 2010
  1. @mneumann

    Merge branch 'apic_io'

    mneumann committed
  2. @mneumann

    Remove APIC_IO option

    mneumann committed
  3. @mneumann

    Remove APIC_IO option

    mneumann committed
  4. @mneumann

    Remove APIC_IO from vkernel

    mneumann committed
  5. @mneumann

    x86_64 - Get completely rid of APIC_IO

    mneumann committed
    For SMP kernels compile time APIC_IO option has been superseeded
    by loader tunable hw.apic_io_enable which defaults to APIC I/O
  6. @mneumann

    Merge branch 'apic_io'

    mneumann committed
  7. HAMMER - Add hammer dedup directive and support

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Adjust the utility to exit with an appropriate error if an
      attempt is made to dedup a filesystem which has not been upgraded
      to version 5.
  8. @mneumann

    i386 - Get completely rid of APIC_IO

    mneumann committed
    For SMP kernels compile time APIC_IO option has been superseeded
    by loader tunable hw.apic_io_enable which defaults to APIC I/O
  9. HAMMER - Add hammer dedup directive and support

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Minor adjustments to fix compile errors on 64-bit systems
      (printf %lld -> %jd and use intmax_t casts).
  10. HAMMER - Add hammer dedup filesystem version dump

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Require a version 5 filesystem for dedup operation.  Upgrading can be done
      in-place.  All this does is make the layer2 bytes_free field a signed
      value instead of unsigned, allowing it to go negative.
      This allows dedup to use the field to account for multiple references to
      the same block of data, causing the field to (likely) go negative.
  11. HAMMER - Add hammer dedup directive and support

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Implements all the logic required to dedup a HAMMER filesystem.
    * There is one remaining issue and that is the reblocker's propensity to
      undo de-dup's hard work in certain cases.
    * Code bounty for hammer_dedup
    Submitted-by: Ilya Dryomov <>
  12. libutil - Add humanize_unsigned()

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Add a humanize_unsigned() function as a companion to humanize_number()
      which does a much better job on large unsigned 64-bit quantities.
    Submitted-by: Ilya Dryomov <>
  13. nrelease - Add target to help w/ debugging

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Add a nopkgs target which disables the package step, for debugging
      purposes only.
  14. talkd(8): Reduce diffs with FreeBSD and raise WARNS to 6.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  15. dialog(3): Remove __linux__ conditionals.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    They are no longer needed, now that the select function that gets passed
    to scandir(3) takes a const parameter.
    While I'm here, remove local warning options from the Makefile and raise
    WARNS to 2.
Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. kernel - Fix spinlock held on switch

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * flushbufqueues() was holding bufqspin through a buffer cache callback,
      causing a kernel panic if the callback winds up blocking.  This only
      effected UFS not HAMMER).
    * Release the spinlock a little earlier so it isn't held around the callback.
    * Make a minor semantics change to bio_track_wait() to deal with potential
      compiler optimizations messing up the cmpxchg loop.
    Reported-by: "" <>
  2. umount - Remove sync() call from utility

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * Do not call sync() unconditionally when issuing the /sbin/umount command.
      Let the kernel take care of any syncing.
    * This may allow umount -f to operate better in situations where a mount
      might be stuck (such as a NFS mount), and also removes delays associated
      with scanning large numbers of vnodes on x86_64.
  3. <sys/cdefs.h>: Add some definitions for IEEE 1003.1-2008.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    Our default remains 200112 for now.
  4. installer: Add support for creating encrypted partitions.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    With the exception of /boot for the HAMMER install and / for the UFS
    install, allow the configuration of encryption of partitions via
    checkboxes in the partition creation stage.
Commits on Nov 5, 2010
  1. libexec: Move the definition of WARNS to libexec/

    Sascha Wildner committed
    This generally sets WARNS to 6 in libexec/ unless specified otherwise
    in the individual Makefiles. Just like we do it in bin/, games/, sbin/,
    usr.bin/ and usr.sbin/ already.
    Also fix some warnings that crept up and clean up some Makefiles.
  2. <sys/param.h>: Bump __DragonFly_version.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    This is just so we have something to patch against in case the
    alphasort(3)/scandir(3) prototype changes require patches in
  3. alphasort(3)/scandir(3): Sync prototypes with POSIX.1-2008.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    These functions have been added to the latest issue (7) of the
    OpenGroup specifications. Since our default still is POSIX.1-2001,
    make them visible if either _POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 200809 is defined
    or if _POSIX_SOURCE is not defined (which was what we had
    previously). The latter condition is left in for backwards
    compatibility and can be removed once we switch to 200809.
    Also fix some consumers of scandir(3) which we have in base.
    This fixes the build of devel/libcompizconfig.
    I've checked this change with 22 out of 114 packages that use
    scandir(), and aside from some warnings, there were no issues.
    Reported-by:   alexh
    Dragonfly-bug: <>
    Based-on:      FreeBSD
Commits on Nov 3, 2010
  1. mkinitrd(8): Add two options for overriding the tmpdir and the bootdir.

    Sascha Wildner committed
    This can be useful if you're installing to a mounted partition (e.g., from
    the installer).
    While here, clean up a bit and add a license.
  2. Fix a typo.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  3. network - Add initializer for ifnet.if_groups.

    Joe Talbott committed
    Prevents a NULL pointer dereference when pfsync is compiled into the
    Reported-By: mat on Efnet#dragonflybsd
    Tested-By: mat on Efnet#dragonflybsd
  4. Sort SEE ALSO sections in various manual pages.

    Sascha Wildner committed
Commits on Nov 2, 2010
  1. kernel: Remove a number of unnecessary use_*.h inclusions.

    Sascha Wildner committed
  2. @bwalex
  3. @bwalex

    linuxulator - sync & fix futex

    bwalex committed
    * Sync some parts (timeout) with FreeBSD-current (Obtained-from:
    * Bring in a commented-out lwkt_yield that should be necessary for
      proper operation.
  4. libstand - Fix CD9660 name matching code

    Matthew Dillon committed
    * The code inherited from FBsd did not properly deal with matching
      path elements after a '.'.  For example "kernel.FUBAR_XYZ" would match
      "kernel.FUBAR" on the CD.
    * Fixed.
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