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# Handcrafted WP Starter Theme
## Changelog
### v 0.8.6 : April 18th, 2011
## Huge Thanks:
Ian Stewart for his Toolbox theme and Paul Irish for his HTML5
## Recent Changes (0.9.1)
1. Replace 'Howdy' in the admin bar with Welcome. Thank to jamescarrier for this.
## Recent Changes (0.9.0)
1. Code for Apple Touch icons updated in header.php. Thanks to jamescarrier for this.
## Recent Changes (0.8.9)
1. Removed the code that gets rid of the admin bar in functions.php and added more useful code to remove certain links based on your needs. Thanks to jamescarrier for this.
## Recent Changes (0.8.8)
1. Removed jQuery from the footer as well as the bundled fallback. It's enqueued in the functions.php like it should be now.
## Recent Changes (0.8.7)
1. Changed the deprecated TEMPLATE path to get_template_directory(). Thanks to MarFarMa for the heads up
## Recent Changes (0.8.6)
1. New editor support, so theme designers can choose to include better WYSIWYG support in their themes.
2. Modified the code for metabox visibility using the remove_post_type_support function provided natively by wordpress.
3. Some other small changes
## Recent Changes (0.8.5)
All changes from @alettieri
1. Small change to loop.php on line 26, reflecting change in Ian Stewart's Toolbox theme
2. Updated the "remove version number" code so it removes from source and RSS feed
## Recent Changes (0.8.4)
1. Added code to functions.php to remove admin bar in 3.1
## Recent Changes (0.8.3)
1. Removed Modernizr and added Remy Sharp's HTML5shiv instead. So few people need all the awesome power of Modernizr, I think this makes sense.
2. Updated Google CDN version of jQuery to 1.4.4
3. Was referencing jQuery 1.4.3 locally in the footer but the bundled version was 1.4.2. Fixed.
4. Changed all template_directory references to get_template_directory_uri per the Theme-Check plugin. Hat tip to @colorfultones
## Recent Changes (0.8.2)
1. Added Post formats, commented out
2. Easily remove meta boxes from Post and Page screens, commented out
## Summary:
1. Cross-browser compatible
2. HTML5 ready with reset
3. Mobile browser optimizations
4. IE specific classes for maximum cross-browser control
5. An optimal print stylesheet, performance optimized
6. iOS, Android, Opera mobile-adaptable markup & CSS skeleton
7. Google CDN hosted jQuery with fallback
8. HTML5 Shiv to enable support for IE
9. Chrome frame enabled by default
10. 3 managed WordPress 3.0 menus (Primary, Footer, Utility)
11. Abiltiy to easily remove unnecessary code from <head>
12. capital_P_dangit is dead!
13. Remove inline comment CSS
14. Post thumbnails enabled
15. Widgetized sidebar with default widgets
16. Remove useless dashboard widgets for non-admins
17. Optimized asynchronous Google Analytics
18. Custom Post Type with custom icon ready to go
19. Basic site layout
20. Post formats ready to go but commented out
21. Easily remove meta boxes from Post and Page screens
22. General awesome-ness
## License:
Major components:
* Toolbox theme: GPL
* jQuery: MIT/GPL license
* HTML5Doctor CSS reset: Creative Commons 3.0
* CSS Reset Reloaded: Public Domain