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A twitter-subreddit bot to post tweets to Reddit-Based on DRWProspectBot
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This is a twitter subreddit bot written in Python. It currently adds all daily posts from a twitter account into a single post to a subreddit thread

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for different purposes. See Use section for notes on how to use the bot.


You will need to have Python 3.6+, PRAW, and python-twitter

***If you've just installed Python3, pip3 will be included but might not be up-to-date. Update it by running the command:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

pip3 will now be updated to version 18.1.

For more information or more help on using pip3, reference [Using pip3 to install Python modules].(

Now install the necessary modules individually (manually) or all at once with the following commands:

Easy Method

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Manual/Individual Method

pip3 install praw
pip3 install python-twitter


Clone or download the respository.


Change the config to fit your needs.

Parameter Type Description Default value
client_id str Your reddit client id X
client_secret str Your reddit client secret X
password str Your reddit account password X
username str Your reddit account username X
access_key str Your twitter access key X
access_secret str Your twitter access secret X
consumer_key str Your twitter consumer key X
consumer_secret str Your twitter consumer secret X
author_name str Author of the reddit thread to comment on name
confirm_actions boo Boolean value of whether to confirm the bot's actions before they happen True
message_prefix str Prefix to attach to the twitter updates the bot posts message_prefix
message_replace [str] Replace text in the tweets. Useful for repetitive hashtags. Can only replace one word with another single word. ["word", "replaceWith"]
message_suffix [str] Suffix to attach to the twitter updates the bot posts on Reddit. ["suffix_1", "suffix_2"]
subreddit_name str Name of subreddit to search for posts subreddit
subreddit_sort_by int 0 for hot, 1 for new, 2 for top 0
testing boo When enabled, testing prevents the bot from actually posting to Reddit True
twitter_count int Number of tweets to get from Twitter. Max limit of time is 30 regardless of the number of tweets getting 15
twitter_name str Username of twitter account to pull tweets from twitter_name
verbose boo Boolean value of whether to print updates to console. Recommended: True True


In Terminal or Command Prompt, run the following command in the directory of the repo:


If the config.json file doesn't exist yet, it will be generated.

Replace each 'x' with the correct values to log into Reddit and Twitter. Adjust the rest of the config to suit needs. For reference, see 'Config' section above. Once done, run the python3 command again. If everything was installed correctly, the program should state the found Reddit thread, as well as list all of the tweets found, and then post the tweets found to the reddit thread.

This command/program will need to be ran again each time it is used.


Feel free to contribute. When submitting pull requests, document changes made and why. If the changes heavily alter the program itself, fork if you wish to publish your changes publicly.




  • Randy Kinne - Creator - GitHub
  • Evan Lock - Contributor - GitHub


Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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