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New York Times Article Searcher


Tired of sifting through the cluttered New York Times website? The New York Times Article Searcher is a minimalistic approach to searching for articles with the added benefit of being able to save your favorite articles and even add notes to them! The New York Times Article Searcher utilizes the New York Times API to pull articles from any date range, including newly added articles.

Feature List

  • Users can search for articles by keyword.
  • Users can limit the number of results returned.
  • Searches can be restricted by date range.
  • Supplied articles from the search can be saved to the database for future reference.
  • Articles can have notes stored specific to that article.


  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • React
  • Node
  • JavaScript
  • Axios
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap 3


  • New York Time Article Search

Future Improvements

  • Add additional valdation on inputs
  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 4
  • Add more query options such as sort
  • Add date picker
  • Return more details besides title and url such as photo/thumbnail and article publish date
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