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Family To-Do List


The Family To-Do List's main focus was on real-time family organization. The app's purpose is to allow families to share tasks among members. We wanted a single point of contact where families can communicate and organize events from small get togethers to large events like birthdays and reunions. Start by making an account and the app can make your family life a little easier!


  • Team:
    • Randy Lam
    • Dennis Nguyen
    • Amir Izadoanah
    • Trong Do

Feature List

  • User friendly interface that takes into account a wide age range of users.
  • Timed events are prioritized by being placed at the top to ensure they are seen first.
  • Google map integration to show the exact location of each family task.
  • To-Do list is sortable by dragging to assist with prioritizing task by importance.
  • Note/Chat feature implemented into each task to allow members to communicate with each other.
  • Tracked task leaderboard to encourage task completion through friendly competition.


  • JavaScript
  • jQuery/Ajax
  • jQueryUI
  • Google Firebase
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap 3


  • Location plotting with Google Maps API
  • Background image cycle with Flickr API

Future Improvements

  • Adjust date time to show standard format instead of military time
  • Add edit functionality on todo item descriptions
  • Adjust jQueryUI sortable function to only sort when a section of the div is clicked (so users can copy/paste text)
  • Remove required field on location
  • Conditionally render a different notes button only if there are no notes
  • Restructure code to a more object oriented style in order to allow the todo list to be configured for not just families.
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