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Axlsx – The end of CSV as an excuse for client reporting.

One of the things that keeps popping up for ruby and ruby on rails application developers is client reporting. We have tools for creating beautiful screen based reports that make the end user say “WOW”, we can even - with the help of a great designer - produce a well formatted PDF. But when it comes to data, we are still using CSV, a technology from the 1960's

That has changed. There is a new gem, released in November of last year and still under active development that brings more to ruby and ruby on rails than was ever possible before for client reporting.

The gem is axlsx (http://rubygems.org/gems/axlsx)

Let's take a look at some of the things that it can do for you.

  1. The Basics The basics of generating and serializing xlsx data are dead simple.

  2. Create a package

  3. Setup your styles
  4. add a worksheet to the workbook
  5. add your data, charts, images, conditional formatting, data validations, page setup, print options, and password locking, comments, cell merges and panes.
  6. serialize

The code below illustrates a trivial example a few of these items

'''ruby require 'axlsx'

package = Axlsx::Package.new styles = package.workbook.styles

header = styles.add_style :bg_color => '00', :fg_color => 'FF', :sz => 16, :alignment => { :horizontal => :center }

quarter_label = styles.add_style :bg_color => 'FFDFDEDF', :alignment => { :indent => 1 }, :sz => 14

money = styles.add_style :num_fmt => 5, :zd => 14

package.workbook.add_worksheet do |worksheet| worksheet.add_row ['Revenue by Quarter'], :style => header worksheet.merge_cells 'A1:I1' worksheet.add_row data_row_style = [nil, quarter_label, money]

worksheet.add_row [nil, 'Q1', 35221124], :style => data_row_style worksheet.add_row [nil, 'Q2', 56742113], :style => data_row_style worksheet.add_row [nil, 'Q3', 71165443], :style => data_row_style worksheet.add_row [nil, 'Q4', 98761111], :style => data_row_style

worksheet.add_chart(Axlsx::Bar3DChart, :bar_dir => :col) do |chart| chart.start_at 4, 2 chart.end_at 9, 15 chart.title = worksheet['A1'] chart.add_series :data => worksheet['C3:C6'], :labels => worksheet['B3:B6'] end end package.serialize 'the_better_basics.xlsx'

If you are using rails, there is a sister gem acts_as_xlsx (http://rubygems.org/gems/axlsx) That is going to make you smile as well.

Have a look at these two blog posts for a quick write up of how easy it is to use.

http://axlsx.blogspot.jp/2011/12/using-actsasxlsx-to-generate-excel-data.html http://axlsx.blogspot.jp/2011/12/axlsx-making-excel-reports-with-ruby-on.html