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doc fix for bar series and removing ECMA specific sheet password prot…

…ection from example
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commit ddb30e7e45e88082c268b902e60f62d48d855c70 1 parent 3dcd106
Randy Morgan (@morgan_randy) authored
1  examples/sheet_protection.rb
@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@
require 'axlsx'
p =
-p.workbook.add_worksheet(:name => 'ECMA-376') { |ws| ws.sheet_protection.propper_password = 'fish' }
p.workbook.add_worksheet(:name => 'Open Office') { |ws| ws.sheet_protection.password = 'fish' }
p.serialize 'sheet_protection.xlsx'
2  lib/axlsx/drawing/bar_series.rb
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ def initialize(chart, options={})
def colors=(v) DataTypeValidator.validate "BarSeries.colors", [Array], v; @colors = v end
# The shabe of the bars or columns
- # must be one of [:percentStacked, :clustered, :standard, :stacked]
+ # must be one of [:cone, :coneToMax, :box, :cylinder, :pyramid, :pyramidToMax]
def shape=(v)
RestrictionValidator.validate "BarSeries.shape", [:cone, :coneToMax, :box, :cylinder, :pyramid, :pyramidToMax], v
@shape = v
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