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Looks straightforward, no?

sduckett and others added some commits Feb 22, 2012
@sduckett sduckett A sample file that causes Excel 2011 to make repairs, and it's repair…
…ed version.
@JosephHalter JosephHalter Ignore Gemfile.lock c5c938b
@JosephHalter JosephHalter Extract date and time to serial converting and put serious tests on it 7c4d091
@JonathanTron JonathanTron Fix my name in README de603d4
@randym renaming for clarity, a bit of docs and some patches to spec for AWSO…
…ME date/time converter as negative date/time does not parse in some environments under 1.8.7
@randym ruby version conditional specs to deal with epoc issues 3ef96c6
@randym disable timezone testing for 1.8.7 for now b2eba54
@randym out of time to play with this. We will need to create some 1.8.7 vali…
…d test later.
@randym worksheet names need to be limited to 31 characters 4acf750
@randym patch for variations between Array#to_s between ruby versions. 91077e3
@JosephHalter JosephHalter Fix DateTimeConverter tests 6a93c10
@noniq noniq Add support for page margins to worksheet. 228ffa6
@noniq noniq Fix default value for left/right margins. 1488c19
@randym add support for page margin initialization options as well as adding …
…an option to worksheet initialization so we can do stuff like this:

workbook.add_worksheet(:page_margins => {:top=> 1.9})

and yielding the page_margins object off the worksheet for stuff like:
worksheet.page_margins do |pm|
  pm.left = 0.7
@randym readme and examples updates 1cebe7f
@randym beef-up the gitignore ffa1b35
@randym Taking advantage of Stafan's excellent suggestion to take advantage o…
…f lazy loading page margins.
@noniq noniq Add support for underlined text. 4fa61b0
@noniq noniq Add support for rows with custom height. 0257768
@randym referencing Converter, which is now known as DateTimeConverter.
This should have been caught in the specs, so I will update them later to make sure we cover this path.
@randym typo in examples 3144c84
@randym patching time converter and specs as well as fixing warnings related …
…to uninitialized row#height and worksheet#page_margins
@randym testing to_xml validitiy 6419f49
@randym altering package validation errors to show the document they occurred…
… in.

validates now returns an array of {:entry=>'file_name', :errors=>[error,error]} hashes.
@randym adding in email notification from travis-ci 0c696d0
@randym ....forgot to close me-quotes.... 7e22a61
@randym adding head builds to the matrix d8ee687
@randym another attempt at multiple allow_failures on travis ab52af5
@randym another run at travis matrix with multiple failures 4cc2cca
@randym interestingly specifying the language requires that I rvm it in myself? 1751da8
@randym c'mon travis, show us some love! reverting config for incremental cha…
…nges to identify where my matrix breaks down.
@randym ping travis rvm 1.9.2 9ad3ff0
@randym travis testing 47b88f1
@randym MOAR travis! e34e21b
@jurriaan jurriaan Added << alias for add_row cf550ec
@jurriaan jurriaan Accept row numbers in Worksheet#[] 94f8dfd
@randym touch of documentation for an excellent addition by @jurriaan c2d3314
@randym credit where credit is due bc9ce68
@randym adding rake as runtime requirement for ruby 2.0.0 6766fb6
@randym readme edits. 0ca7f58
@randym adding in additional features for next release changelog notes. 786ec2a
@jurriaan jurriaan Default to 1900 date system
Office 2011 for Mac uses the 1900 system by default see for more info
@jurriaan jurriaan Updated example.rb
Fixed indenting and commented date1904
@jurriaan jurriaan epoc => epoch 5b18601
@randym adding email notifications for travis and updating readme in preparat…
…ion for .18 release
@randym update gitignore f815812
@randym fix typos in docs fe900f7
@randym fix typos in docs 1d7d041
@randym revert changes to validation reporting as it breaks backwards compata…
@randym fix #44
I think one workbook view is enough ;)
@randym proper workbookview id - should be 0 based index iirc 46b5374
@randym remove rubyXL interop and update readme 7d1a609
@sduckett sduckett Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' d86e4fa
@sduckett sduckett Merge branch 'master' of 0979748
@sduckett sduckett Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 004c6c5
@sduckett sduckett Merge branch 'master' of c477225
@sduckett sduckett Fix no-example in rendered docs, comment to match method. c0be188
@sduckett sduckett bug fixed, so useless. ef9e0e6

lol you patch to the docs showed me another problem in the docs! =>: thin

@randym randym merged commit eb9ad62 into randym:master Mar 28, 2012
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