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Randy Pensinger - Software Engineer


Considering holistic software engineering opportunities in the Portland area. Relocating from Seattle.

Primary Skills

  • Web Application and Service Development (Java, SQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Agile Planning, Object Oriented Design, Test Driven Development
  • Message Queue & Data Stream Application Development (Kinesis, Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting and Communication
  • Hiring and Mentoring

Secondary Skills

  • AWS & Unix Administration, Docker Deployment
  • MySQL/Postgres Administration
  • JVM Scripting Languages (Jython, Clojure)
  • Data Visualization
  • Postgres GIS Database and Related Technologies
  • JNI, C++, C

Work History

MediaAlpha - Vertical Search Lead Exchange

Senior Software Engineer: March 2016 - Present

Assisted in Katch acquisition (Health/Life/Medicare). Re-launched travel deal marketing email. Developed exchange, ad serving, and reporting. Authored and maintained Advertiser Integration. Coached Publisher Integrations. - Home Improvement Marketplace

Senior Software Engineer: September 2013 – January 2015

Co-authored Managed Data Service (Master Data Management), Published Data Service (Aggregates, Search Indices, De-normalizations). Performed SQL migrations and tuned queries. Improved landing page, search, seo page performance. Assisted in VPC Migration, build & release engineering, dev-ops responsibilities and pager duty.

Opera Solutions - Predictive Analytics

Senior Software Engineer: December 2011 – August 2013

Assisted development and usage of GLM, Restricted-Boltzmann, K-Means. Authored calculation log, model summary UI, model drift detection tools. Assisted in model creation optimizations.

Gaikai - Video Game Streaming Startup

Software Engineer: August 2011 - December 2011

Re-implemented client-facing game/server availability API for youtube launch.

SpeedTax - Sales Tax S.A.S.

Software Engineer: December 2009 – July 2011

Developed tax calculation API and tax return generation. Authored streamlined sales tax integration. Authored sales in-house tax jurisdiction resolution. Re-wrote web console. Briefly lead team during leadership transition.


Stanford University, BS Computer Science Graduated: June 14 2009 GPA: 3.337