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A simple directed and undirected graph editor written in Java Swing. This provides the ability to create, edit, load and save a graph data structure. In addition this tool provides a number of graph algorithms which can be executed visually within the UI.

Getting Started

To run this app, the following steps need to happen:

  1. Get the GEdit source using git.
  2. Get either ANT or MAVEN.
  3. Build the distribution.
  4. Run!

Getting the Source

Clone the source tree using git:

git clone

This is a Java app that provides both a ANT and a MAVEN build script. There is not a significant difference between the two, but the ANT script is faster since it doesn't have to download maven related dependencies.

Build using ANT:

ant build

Build MAVEN:

mvn package


The easiest way to run the app is to open a terminal and run the following from the source directory:

java -jar gedit-1.0.0.jar


Refer to the full documentation located in the source tree. It will tell you how to create / load a graph, and how to run algorithms.


  • Code is complete and has been updated to work with Java 1.6.


  • Provides a graphical display for directed and undirected graphs.
  • Provides a graphical display for a number of traversal algorithms.
  • Displays disconnected graph islands within a multi document display.
  • Keeps the entire graph together as a single data file which can be loaded or saved at any time.
  • Provides support for both weighted and unweighted graphs.
  • Autobalances graph nodes using edge tension.
  • Enables / Disables potiential algorithms as per graph type.
  • Graph API provides support to nest pluggable data types within Nodes.

Feature and Issues

Feature requests and issues can be created by anyone. Community feedback is welcome.

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