Various maven plugins that I have within several professional java projects.
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Secrist Maven Plugins

This project contains a number of maven plugins that will assist with with the packaging and deployment of java applications and libraries.

Below is an inventory of what can be found within:

  1. Timestamp Plugin
  1. Simple Zip Plugin
  • Builds a standard zip distribution that contains a java executable jar file. Supports a lib directory and a matching MANIFEST file.
  1. Simple RPM Plugin
  • Same as the Zip distribution, but more advanced RPM scripting hooks with less configuration than other RPM plugins that will be found in the wild.

Why is it here?

For standalone applications, I wanted things packaged my way without having to add lots of XML configuration outside of the pom.xml.

Also, I hate being told what to do.


Each of these is inserted into a maven pom.xml file under the plugins section. See each individual plugin for more details on the various configuration options.


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