Tool to easily invoice your clients. AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Backend TBD
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Invoice App


Easy to theme tool for generating client invoices. Uses AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap. Backend TBD


Quick Start

  1. Open client/src/template.html in a browser.
  2. Click items to edit in place, mouse over the very bottom of the page to reveal the task adder or view the generated JSON.
  3. To save editable invoices without a backend load generated JSON into client/src/js/invoicer.js. This will become cleaner in time.


The future of this app should include a tool for building, saving and possibly even sending invoices to clients via short URL. The app should:

  • Be backend optional.
  • Theme as a straight forward HTML document.
  • This is unlike other editable invoice apps where items are secretly input tags that require jumping through hoops to style.
  • Editor and Viewer should share the same template, but the viewer should show no hint that there is an editor involved when sent to a client or printed.