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small games created while learning python
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Games is a group of small games created as I am learning python. Each group grows in complexity. In addition I plan to update this as I learn more.

Games directories

  • coin
  • dice
  • cards

Module directories

I have modified several games from a single file to use a module 'games'. This module provides access to functions to build games of different types.

games is a module directory under games

  • games/
  • games/
  • games/

Core provides game functions that span different game types. Coin provides game functions for coin games. Dice provides game functions and classes for dice games.


  • coin
  • dice
  • cards
    • tbd

Next Steps

  • Add proper docstrings [In Progress]
  • Move common functions into a module (games) [In Progress]
  • Complete additional games
    • cards/
    • dice/
  • Python / programming best practices
    • Logging / Error checking
    • Unit testing
    • Internal self checks (assertions)

Contact Information

You can contact me on LinkedIn.

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