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Commits on Jul 2, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    Made 0.4.12 release

    tobydox authored
    Bumped version number to 0.4.12 in CMakeLists.txt, README and
  2. @tobydox

    InstrumentTrack: make sure m_runningMidiNotes[x] does not become nega…

    tobydox authored
    Even though there's no known code path for this event to happen we
    should always make sure m_runningMidiNotes[x] does not become negative
    as this might mess up future key events.
  3. @tobydox

    SampleBuffer: do not use UTF-8 filenames on Windows

    tobydox authored
    As libogg, libsndfile & friends do not seem to have an UTF8-compatible
    implementation on Windows we have to pass the filename as local 8 bit
    encoding in order to make the file being read properly.
    Closes #2952858.
  4. @tobydox

    Reset filename when recovering project after unexpected exit

    tobydox authored
    We must not use "recover.mmp" as regular filename after we recovered
    the sesion from it as this causes following save cycles to go into
    the recovery file. Instead load the recovery file via
    song::createNewProjectFromTemplate() so the used will be asked for
    a filename when saving the recovered project the first time.
    Closes #3294122.
  5. @tobydox

    ConfigMgr: properly write configuration file if it contains non-ASCII…

    tobydox authored
    … chars
    There has been a problem UTF-8 characters in the configuration file
    since 2006 (!), as the length of the data to be written was mis-
    calculated. We can omit the specification of the data length at all
    when just passing a QByteArray object to QFile::write().
    Fixes setup dialog appearing each start if one of the configured paths
    in the setup dialog contains non-ASCII characters.
    Closes #3348920, #3017409, #2812054.
  6. @tobydox

    ConfigMgr: do not silently fail to parse configuration file

    tobydox authored
    Instead of failing silently when parsing configuration file show a
    messagebox with helpful debugging information.
  7. @tobydox

    Added missing plugins from the SWH LADSPA plugin collection

    tobydox authored
    Once I added the SWH LADSPA plugins I just added a small selection of
    them in order to improve clarity. However lots of projects use SWH
    LADSPA plugins that are not shipped with LMMS and thus can't be
    played properly e.g. on Windows. Fix this by adding missing plugins
    (except the analog and FM oscillators).
  8. @tobydox

    Data/Projects: completely revised shipped collection of projects

    tobydox authored
    Most of the projects represented LMMS and it's capabilities from a few
    years ago. Therefore removed most old projects and added fresh ones from
    the sharing platform.
    Also started to add licensing information about these files in each
    project directory.
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    INSTALL: added note for systems without sudo support

    tobydox authored
    Some people might not have sudo installed or configured. Added a note in
    the INSTALL file for this case.
    Closes #3299883.
  2. @tobydox

    Widgets classes: use "WindowTitle" property instead of "AccessibleName"

    tobydox authored
    As the interface for the "AccessibleName" property might not be available
    when Qt was built without accessibility support, use the "WindowTitle"
    property instead where appropriate.
    Closes #3300101.
  3. @tobydox

    Do not apply FX mixer effects twice when playing frozen pattern

    tobydox authored
    We must not process the FX mixer if we notice that currently a pattern
    is frozen. Furthermore renamed some state-reading messages of the
    pattern class.
    Closes #3316495.
Commits on Jun 23, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    Faders in FX mixer: added peak value indicator

    tobydox authored
    Based on the patch by Thorsten Müller provided at #3307037, I continued
    the work to display nice indicators for the peak value of the last 1500
    Closes #3307037.
  2. @rymr @tobydox

    Add tooltips to fxmixer faders

    rymr authored tobydox committed
    Added tooltips to show the actual value when moving the fader handle.
    This works mostly like the same feature we already have for the volume
    knobs. Depending on settings the value is shown in a range between
    0% to 200% or -inf/-34dBV to 6.02 dBV. Again that's the same as for the
    volume knob. Value range could be adjusted easily if necessary.
    Closes #3305914.
    Signed-off-by: Tobias Doerffel <>
  3. @tobydox

    LadspaManager: really only load shared library on Linux

    tobydox authored
    Testing the last two characters of the filename against "so" is
    insufficient as this might cover e.g. ISO files as well. Therefore
    explicitely check for ".so".
    Thanks to Mikobuntu for the contribution.
    Closes #3289932.
Commits on Jun 22, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    MainWindow: skip autosave while playing or exporting

    tobydox authored
    It's a very bad idea to autosave while playing as this causes severe
    underrun problems. Therefore instead of autosaving, trigger a re-try
    timer for 10 seconds.
    Closes #3317776.
Commits on Jun 15, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    ZynAddSubFX: regenerated UI source code files with recent Fluid (2)

    tobydox authored
    Forgot to include one file in commit 13d1e38.
    (cherry picked from commit 9911367)
  2. @tobydox

    ZynAddSubFX: regenerated UI source code files with recent Fluid

    tobydox authored
    Now that we updated FLTK we also need to regenerate ZynAddSubFX'
    UI source code files using recent Fluid tool. Indentation seems to
    have been fixed.
    (cherry picked from commit 13d1e38)
  3. @tobydox

    ZynAddSubFX/FLTK: updated to SVN revision 8805

    tobydox authored
    Updated FLTK to SVN revision 8805 of branch-1.3.
    (cherry picked from commit c2c315e)
  4. @tobydox

    ZynAddSubFX: minor fixes from upstream

    tobydox authored
      * Fixing Envelopes not going to zero
      * FLTK1.3: Applying patch to force code generation
    (cherry picked from commit a1006f7)
Commits on Jun 13, 2011
  1. @tobydox extended copyright notice

    tobydox authored
    Extended copyright notice in which is used as resource file
    when building win32/win64 executable.
Commits on Jun 6, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    Made 0.4.11 release

    tobydox authored
    Bumped version number to 0.4.11 in CMakeLists.txt and README.
  2. @kfoltman @tobydox

    CALF/Monosynth: only set frequency-related values in params_changed i…

    kfoltman authored tobydox committed
    …f note is played.
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    CALF: updated up to commit b22ca910642433a4507f33ec08bcbf8e6d02e3ff

    tobydox authored
      * Fix broken band issue in EQ plugins.
      * Persist extension 0.2
Commits on Apr 6, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    Ask whether to recover session after unexpected exit

    tobydox authored
    Instead of always loading the last auto-saved session (which might end
    up in an endless cycle if recover.mmp is faulty or causes a crash) ask
    the user whether to do so.
Commits on Apr 5, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    CAPS: updated to version 0.4.5

    tobydox authored
    Updated CAPS plugins to version 0.4.5 - changes:
      * Narrower plugin added
      * fixed '' to work with python3
      * fixed Sin, Roessler and Lorenz gain smoothing on activation
    Signed-off-by: Tobias Doerffel <>
Commits on Mar 17, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    SongEditor: made smoooth scrolling an optional feature

    tobydox authored
    As smooth scrolling seems to cause problems for some users it now has
    to be enabled explicitely in the settings dialog.
    Closes #3194891.
Commits on Jan 26, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    AudioPulseAudio: do not initialize volume

    tobydox authored
    Instead of passing an initialized pa_cvolume structure, pass NULL as
    recommended by the documentation for pa_stream_connect_playback(). This
    fixes the volume erroneously being set to 100% at startup.
    Thanks to Thomas Moschny for forwarding the bug report.
  2. @tobydox

    Made 0.4.10 release

    tobydox authored
    Bumped version number to 0.4.10 in CMakeLists.txt and README.
  3. @tobydox

    CALF: updated up to commit 3889df5d1448faf5078b0a2bdd4c220823b82bf9

    tobydox authored
    * Simplify exciter code. No functional change... I hope!
    * Work in progress on rotary speaker. May contain bugs.
    * Replace allpass vibrato in Calf Organ with a simulation of scanner vibrato.
    * Implement switchable vibrato type.
    * Initialise delta members in ramp classes.
Commits on Jan 24, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    Regenerated all localization files

    tobydox authored
    Make minor string changes in LMMS take effect by regenerating all
    localization files.
  2. @tobydox

    German localization: various updates

    tobydox authored
    Updated/completed various strings which have changed or not been
    translated before.
  3. @tobydox

    German localization: fixed typo

    tobydox authored
    It has to be "diese Spur" instead of "dise Spur". Thanks to Capdan for
    pointing this out.
    Closes #3158102.
  4. @tobydox

    LB302: fixed typo

    tobydox authored
    It has to be "imitation" instead of "immitation". Thanks to Capdan for
    pointing this out.
    Closes #3158102.
  5. @tobydox

    PeakControllerEffect: properly save and load all settings

    tobydox authored
    The settings for the new attack and decay controls weren't saved and
    loaded at all while just the values of all other knobs were saved
    (instead automation data, controllers etc.).
Commits on Jan 23, 2011
  1. @tobydox

    Win installer: do not append version to install directory anymore

    tobydox authored
    Per default do not append the version to the installation directory
    anymore as this causes unneccessary problems when not properly
    uninstalling an older version. Instead files should be overwritten by
    recent ones from now on.
    Partially closes #3149779.
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