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Commits on Oct 15, 2012
  1. @matulef
Commits on Oct 14, 2012
  1. SERVER-4781 Allowed setting over an object whose path is only partial…

    Alberto Lerner authored
    …ly constructed.
  2. @pborreli @tadmarshall

    Fixed typos

    pborreli authored tadmarshall committed
    Signed-off-by: Tad Marshall <>
  3. @erh

    add a version of DataFileMgr::deleteRecord that takes a NamespaceDeta…

    erh authored
    …ils if you have already
    makes some tests 10% faster
  4. @erh

    make memconcept::is string const

    erh authored
  5. @erh

    SERVER-6450 - Use ps::Rolling to provide a working-set size estimate

    erh authored
    db.adminCommand( { serverStatus : 1 , workingSet : 1 } ).workingSet
  6. @erh
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
  1. @milkie

    SERVER-6925 use the size of the queue in bytes rather than number of …

    milkie authored
    …objects when calculating cap
  2. Do not import now-defunct in SConstruct.

    Andrew Schwerin authored
  3. @ranman

    Merge pull request #313 from ranman/master

    ranman authored
    Remove some buildbot related stuff from SCons that is no longer needed
  4. @ranman
  5. @kchodorow
  6. SERVER-7186 Fixed unittest impacted by previous commit.

    Alberto Lerner authored
  7. SERVER-7186 Fixed the case where logging addToSet would fail dollar s…

    Alberto Lerner authored
    …ign verification.
  8. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7338 In Windows, use NUL instead of NUL: in test

    tadmarshall authored
    Boost::filesystem v3 generates a bad file specification from NUL:
    in Windows.  Use NUL instead.  Either should have worked, so I
    think this is actually a bug in Boost::filesystem v3.
Commits on Oct 11, 2012
  1. @tadmarshall
  2. @svenstaro @andy10gen

    SERVER-4314 Migrate to Boost Filesystem v3, away from deprecated v2.

    svenstaro authored andy10gen committed
    Original author: Sven-Hendrik Haase <>
    Merged by: Andy Schwerin <>
    Signed-off-by: Andy Schwerin <>
  3. @kchodorow
  4. @kchodorow
  5. @dwight
  6. @dwight

    SERVER-7329 also now checks at the beginning, after the first write, …

    dwight authored
    …in addition to ad the end
  7. @dwight
  8. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-6207 protect printWindowsStackTrace() with critical section

    tadmarshall authored
    Use SimpleMutex::scoped_lock to make printWindowsStackTrace() run in
    only one thread at a time.
  9. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7289 add inexpensive tests to validate command

    tadmarshall authored
    Checks added to the validate command:
    1) The 'xprev' pointer in each extent in the extent list should point
       to the previous extent, or be null for the first extent
    2) The 'lastExtent' pointer in NamespaceDetails should point to the last extent
    3) If an exception is thrown while counting extents, identify the failing extent
    4) If an exception is thrown while counting extents, report the count
    5) If an exception is thrown while counting extents, the first extent should be
       validated and the check for 'xprev' in the first extent being null should be done
    6) If an invalid signature is found in an extent, report the value found and
       identify the extent
    7) The "self-pointer" 'myLoc' in an extent should be validated
    8) The extent size should be compared with Extent::minSize(), not zero
  10. @tadmarshall
  11. @tadmarshall
  12. @astaple
  13. @milkie
  14. @milkie
Commits on Oct 10, 2012
  1. @tadmarshall

    fix Windows compile

    tadmarshall authored
  2. @matulef

    SERVER-2001 change shard key validation to allow hashed shard keys

    matulef authored
    This changes the top-level shard key validation to allow shard keys
    such as {a : "hashed"}. It also adds some helper functions for
    determining when a unique index is compatible with a given shard
    key, and a variety of unit tests and a js test.
  3. @matulef

    SERVER-2001 make modifiedRangeBound accept index patterns without 1/-…

    matulef authored
    …1 vals
    To allow more complex index types, modifiedRangeBound needs to make sense
    of index patterns like {a : "hashed"} that don't have 1 or -1 for the
    field values.  With this change, it will treat bounds over a hashed
    keyspace as ascending over the range of hashed values.
  4. @stbrody
  5. @milkie
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