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Video Previews

Toon Nolten edited this page May 17, 2018 · 5 revisions

Since 1.7.0, ranger supports video previews. More generally, you can define rules in the configuration file to convert any file type into an image and display that image as a preview with w3mimgdisplay.

Video previews are disabled by default. To turn them on:

  1. Install w3mimgdisplay. It's used to draw images into the terminal. On archlinux, the package is called "w3m", on debian it's "w3m-img"
  2. Install ffmpegthumbnailer. It's used to generate a thumbnail of a video.
  3. Get a recent config file, e.g. by typing ranger --copy-config=scope.
  4. Uncomment the video rule in, inside the handle_image function (search for ffmpegthumbnailer if you can't find it).
  5. Get an rc.conf (ranger --copy-config=rc) and change the line with set preview_script to point to your custom


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