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UseGit: 1
StatusStrict: 1
StatusOpenList: New
StatusOpenList: Reviewed
StatusOpenList: Assigned
StatusOpenList: InProgress
StatusOpenList: ReOpened
StatusClosedList: Finished
StatusClosedList: WontFix
StatusClosedList: Cancelled
DefaultNewStatus: New
LabelStrict: 1
LabelAllowedList: Type-Enhancement
LabelAllowedList: Type-Defect
LabelAllowedList: Priority-High
LabelAllowedList: Priority-Medium
LabelAllowedList: Priority-Low
LabelAllowedList: Release-v0.01
LabelAllowedList: Release-v0.02
LabelAllowedList: Release-v0.03
LabelAllowedList: Release-v0.04
LabelAllowedList: Milestone-v0.01
LabelAllowedList: Milestone-v0.02
LabelAllowedList: Milestone-v0.03
LabelAllowedList: Milestone-v0.04
LabelAllowedList: Milestone-v0.05
LabelAllowedList: Milestone-Future
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