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Augury is a Google Chrome Dev Tools extension for debugging Angular 2 applications. You can install the extension from Chrome Store.

Once the extenion is installed you can test it against the demo application

Screenshot of Augury

Supported Version

Currently works with applications built in Angular 2.0.0 using the Angular Component Router version 3.0.0-beta.2.

To view the router graph inject the Router in the application root component as shown below (it must be named router exactly).

export default class KitchenSink {
  constructor(private router: Router) {


Support for AoT (Ahead-Of-Time) Compilation

In order for Angular to expose the debug information for AoT applications, you will have to explicitly set the debug flag to true in your project's tsconfig.json as such:

"angularCompilerOptions": {
  /* ... */
  "debug": true

Note that this debug flag and development mode in Angular runtime are two completely different settings.

To learn more about AoT compilation, visit this section of Angular documentation.

Support for enableDebugTools()

Prior to Angular 2.2.0, enableDebugTools() would clobber ng.probe, which breaks Augury. Prior to that version, this workaround will circumvent the issue.

Development Environment

To develop this extension, the following environment is used:

  • Node 4.2.3
  • NPM 3.5.3
  • TypeScript 1.8.9
  • typings 1.3.2



Building & installing locally

  1. Clone this repository: git clone git://
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run npm run dev-build.
  4. Navigate to chrome://extensions and enable Developer Mode.
  5. Choose "Load unpacked extension".
  6. In the dialog, open the directory you just cloned.

Try out the extension with one of our example applications.

Running Tests

To execute all unit tests, run npm test. It bundles up all files that match *.test.ts into build/test.js, then runs it through tape-run in a headless Electron browser.

Available NPM Scripts

  • build Build the extension
  • webpack Run webpack
  • clean Clean node_modules and typings,
  • postinstall install typings
  • start Clean build and run webpack in watch mode
  • test Bundle all *.test.ts and run it through a headless browser
  • prepack Run npm build before running npm pack
  • pack Packages the extension and create chrome build augury.crx



Known Issues

We are using GitHub Issues for our public bugs. We will keep track on this and will to make it clear when we have an internal fix in progress. Before filing a new task, try to make sure your problem doesn't already exist.

Reporting Issues

The best way to get a bug fixed is to provide a test case with either one of the example apps bundled in the repo, or by making your own Angular 2.0 application illustrating the reduced use case.


If you'd like to help out, please read our Contributing Guidelines. You might want to first checkout the Architecture of this extension.

Join Our Slack Team

If you want to contribute or need help getting started, join us on Slack.