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Redux Beacon & @ngrx/store Runnable Example

Step 1

Paste the following script into a terminal of your choice and run it:

   git clone https://github.com/ngrx/platform.git

   cd platform

   git checkout tags/v5.0.0

   curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rangle/redux-beacon/master/examples/ngrx-store/redux-beacon-ngrx-store.patch | git apply

   npm install

Step 2

Go into the platform directory and start the example app:

cd platform && npm run example:start

NOTE You might need to install yarn to run the example:start script.

Step 3

  • Open http://localhost:4200.
  • The username is test and the password is test.
  • Explore the app with an open console. Look out for the analytics logs.