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Terraform Frontend Infrastructure Template

This project creates a static website using Azure Storage Containers and Azure CDN.


  1. Configure an Azure Service Principal that will be used for programmatic access. See the following for details:
  2. A variables file: terraform.tfvars with correct values specific to your project. See for descriptions and defaults.
# Account Settings
az_client_id       = ""
az_client_secret   = ""
az_tenant_id       = ""
az_subscription_id = ""
az_region          = "canadacentral"

# Tags
project     = ""
module      = ""
environment = "staging"

# Storage Options
az_storage_account_tier     = "Standard"
az_storage_replication_type = "LRS"
enable_static_website       = 1

# CDN Options
az_cdn_type = "Standard_Verizon"
random_endpoint_name = 0

Getting Started

  1. run terraform init
  2. run terraform plan and review the plan
  3. run terraform apply


You will likely need to expose the following environment variables to your CI tool. If you are enabling Static Website for your Storage Account, set AZURE_STORAGE_CONTAINER = literal string $web

export ARM_CLIENT_ID=<az_client_id>
export ARM_CLIENT_SECRET=<az_client_secret>
export ARM_TENANT_ID=<az_tenant_id>
export ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID=<az_subscription_id>

export AZURE_STORAGE_CONTAINER=<storage_container_name or $web>
export AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT=<storage_account_name>
export AZURE_STORAGE_KEY=<storage_account_key>