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EPUB Searcher

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A EPUB search Web application based on droonga.

CAUTION: EPUB Searcher dropped support for Ruby < 2.3. If you're using lesser version of Ruby, inform us and then we recover Ruby 2.1 and 2.2 support.

Demo site


1. Install Droonga

See Droonga documentation for details.

2. Install Bundler

$ [sudo] gem install bundler

3. Install EPUB Searcher

$ git clone path/to/docroot
$ cd path/to/docroot
$ bundle install --path=vendor/gems
$ npm install
$ npm run bower

4. Configure application

Make .env.production file with content below:


These are definition of environment variables.

Here droonga0 is the hostname of server which Droonga HTTP Server is running. Ensure that

  • you can resolve the hostname to IP address by DNS, /etc/hosts or so on in environment EPUB Searcher was installed. Writing IP address as-is is also OK(e.g. host=
  • Droonga HTTP Server binds the IP address resolved from the hostname. Note that it might not be a global IP address, but the one of private network. If EPUB Searcher cannot connect to Droonga, confirm it.

http_server_port is the port number that Droonga HTTP Server is listening. If you installed Droonga without explicit configuration, it will 10041 which is the default port of Droonga HTTP Server.

Other lines are written in .env.development and .env.test in this repository? Don't warry, they're required to run Droonga in development/test environment. Now you have running Droonga in production, those are no longer required.

5. Run web and app server

EPUB Searcher is a Rack application. There's serveral way to run Rack applications behind web servers, such as Nginx x Puma. It's up to you.

Setting development environment up

$ git clone
$ cd epub-searcher
$ bundle install --path=vendor/gems
$ npm install
$ npm run bower

Registering EPUB books for development environment

$ ./bin/es-register ./data/test-setup/*.epub another/book.epub

Running droonga components for development

$ bundle exec foreman start --env=.env.development

Running web app server

$ bundle exec padrino start

Running test suite

Run droonga components for test environment:

$ bundle exec foreman start --env=.env.test

then run test:

$ bundle exec rake test


GPLv3 or later.


EPUB Searcher - A EPUB search Web application based on Droonga



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