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Artisan Static

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A starter template for building a static Jigsaw blog hosted on Netlify.

This comes with code highlighting, share buttons, comments, analytics, an RSS feed, a contact form, a CMS and more.

The HTML, CSS and JavaScript in this template are extremely minimal, which makes the code easy to build on top of or replace completely.


General details and features

  • Static site generator: Jigsaw (Laravel Blade templates)
  • Hosting: Netlify
  • CMS: Netlify CMS
  • Image hosting: Cloudinary
  • Contact form: Formcarry
  • Google Analytics
  • Dynamic meta tags (SEO, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards)
  • Posts can have multiple tags
  • Posts show a warning when potentially outdated (over 365 days old)
  • Code highlighting: highlight.js
  • Share buttons: sharer.js
  • Comments: Disqus

Getting started

Use this deploy button to get your own copy of the repository.

Deploy to Netlify

This button will do the following:

  • Connect to your GitHub account and create a new repository with the name you specify
  • Deploy your copy of the repository and setup continuous deployment
  • Send an invite to the email address associated with your Netlify account

Accept the invite, set your password, then navigate to /admin on your site to log in.

Now you're all set, and you can start customizing your static site!

Local development

After using the deploy button above, clone your copy of the repository and run:

$ composer install
$ npm install
$ npm run watch

Your browser will open localhost:3000 automatically.


The posts included in this template contain instructions on how to configure or implement some of its features.

When you use the 3rd-party services recommended by this template, make sure to read the docs of that specific service.


Released under the MIT License.