Spring Social Flickr helps you integrate your application with Flickr.
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Spring Social Flickr

Spring Social Flickr helps you integrate your application with Flickr similar to Spring Social Facebook , Twitter. As Flickr's authentication is OAuth-like but not exactly OAuth 1 we have done some tweak to make it work.

##Running Example## This project also contains web module to demonstrate the usage of APIs. After deploying web module examples can be accessed at the following URL: http://localhost:8080/spring-social-flickr-web/signin.jsp

##APIs Supported## Following APIs are currently supported in this project:

  • people
  • photos
  • activity
  • commons
  • favorites
  • galleries (partially)
  • photos.comments
  • photos.geo
  • photos.licenses
  • photos.notes
  • photos.people
  • photos.suggestions
  • photos.transform
  • photosets
  • photosets.comments
  • blogs
  • groups
  • groups.discuss.replies
  • groups.discuss.topics
  • groups.members
  • groups.pools
  • places
  • prefs
  • cameras
  • contacts
  • interestingness
  • machinetags
  • panda
  • reflection (partially)