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Dense Captioning Events in Video - Evaluation Code


First, clone this repository and make sure that all the submodules are also cloned properly.

git clone --recursive https://github.com/ranjaykrishna/densevid_eval.git

Next, download the dataset using


Finally, test that the evaluator runs by testing it on our sample_submission.json file by calling:

python evaluate.py

You are now all set to produce your own dense captioning results for videos and use this code to evaluate your mode:

python evaluate.py -s YOUR_SUBMISSION_FILE.JSON


Visit our project page and read our paper for details.


    title={Dense-Captioning Events in Videos},
    author={Krishna, Ranjay and Hata, Kenji and Ren, Frederic and Fei-Fei, Li and Niebles, Juan Carlos},


MIT License copyright Ranjay Krishna


Feel free to send pull requests to help write example code, contribute patches, document methods, etc. You can reach me through:

twitter: @RanjayKrishna

email: ranjaykrishna [at] stanford [dot] edu