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Built With Stencil

Product & Cart showcase example


A showcase of product list and cart components in StencilJs. For more guides on stenciljs components, please check their documentation.

This project will give you an ideas of stencil components. I have created a two components

Guides to framework integration

I have created framework integration guide to use stencil components

You can use stenciljs to create a technology agnostic application or in a micro front application. You can find more about stenciljs here.

This example is inspired from. A blog demonstrating how we can use angular-elements to create a micro-front application.

But i want to give this a try in Stencil as it is Web Components ready and comes with great features. Also the build size is too small for production usage. You can check the build size of Angular-elements and StencilJs components.

For linting i'm using tslint-stencil package. It will follow the guidelines define by the stencil team.