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Guard-rails is watching on your railses!

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Main repository

Currently, the official fork repository is at ranmocy/guard-rails. Please, come here and communicate with me.


Please make sure to have Guard installed before continuing.

Add Guard::Rails to your Gemfile:

group :development do
  gem 'guard-rails', require: false

Add the default Guard::Rails template to your Guardfile by running:

$ guard init rails

Add options in Guardfile

guard :rails, port: 3000, host: '' do

Now I can automatically restart your Rails development server as your files change!

Lots of fun options growing!

  • :daemon runs the server as a daemon, without any output to the terminal that started guard (default false)
  • :debugger enable the debugger in server. Requires ruby-debug gem. (default false)
  • :environment is the server environment (default development)
  • :force_run kills any process that's holding the listen port before attempting to (re)start Rails (default false)
  • :pid_file specify your pid_file (default tmp/pids/[RAILS_ENV].pid)
  • :host is where the server is hosted (default localhost)
  • :port is the server port number (default 3000)
  • :root lets you specify the Rails root, i.e. for using guard-rails to run a dummy app within an engine (try :root => '/spec/dummy').
  • :server the webserver engine to use (try :server => :thin)
  • :start_on_start will start the server when starting Guard (default true)
  • :timeout waits when restarting the Rails server, in seconds (default 30).
  • :zeus_plan the custom plan in zeus, only works when zeus option is true (default server)
  • :zeus support zeus to boost rails init speed (default false).
  • :CLI construct the runner command as you will! Will omit all options above except pid_file! (default rails server --pid tmp/pids/[RAILS_ENV].pid)


  • Multiple instances use pid_file option to run multiple instances with same rails_env.
  • Avoid multiple autoruns when editing by VIM and Emacs move the backup files to somewhere else or just ignore them in Guardfile.
  • Use binding.pry in Rails Actually you can't! See discussion here.


  • All Platforms MRI is the main test case. But will be tested under REE and JRuby.
  • Live on the edge Guard-Rails will be tested under Ruby 2.2.3 to 2.3.0 with newest gems.
  • Semantic Version


The best way to contact me is the Issues and Pull Request system on GitHub. Currently the official fork repository is at ranmocy/guard-rails.

Please, post your issues or pull requests there. And I will be there as your call.


  • Ranmocy Sheng
  • John Bintz
  • cablegram
  • Joel Moss
  • Sidney Burks
  • Paul Schyska
  • Adam Michel
  • Adib Saad
  • Cezary Baginski
  • Nathan Broadbent
  • Tim Preston
  • killphi
  • Michael
  • Benjamin Sullivan
  • Johnny Robeson
  • Peter Ragone
  • Grant Hutchins and Jonathan Mukai-Heidt
  • Everard Brown
  • Sho Kusano
  • Darrin Holst
  • Leo Lou
  • Luciano Sousa
  • Michel Pavan Macedo


Guard-rails is under MIT license.


Guard-Rails is watching on your development servers as you wish!









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