Create TeamFortress 2 tooltips using item information and price data.
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tftips.php Tooltips

by Jake "rannmann" Forrester

This library provides Team Fortress 2 item tooltips to any item, based off a name search. Tooltips include the following data

  • Image of item
  • Item Name
  • Item quality color (both in tooltip, and replaced within the span tags)
  • Effect name if applicable
  • Crate series number if applicable
  • Item description
  • estimated value
  • Holiday restriction information

Here is an example page which is included with this repo.

What You Get

  • PHP cron to retrieve item schema from and create/update MySQL tables with data
  • PHP cron to retrieve price data from and create/update MySQL tables with data
  • Javascript mouseover tooltips with item data (fetched via PHP & AJAX)
  • 128x128 and 512x512 images of all current paint cans
  • A sample page


Wrap an item name in a <span class="tfPrice"> tag, and the rest is taken care of for you. Vintage, strange, unusual, etc. items will display as the proper item color, and all items will have [brackets] around them.


<span class="tfPrice">Vintage Gunslinger</span> <-- Works!
<span class="tfPrice">V. Gunslinger</span> <-- Also works!
<span class="tfPrice">V Gunslinger</span> <-- Doesn't work.  Needs either "V." or "Vintage"

<span class="tfPrice">Crate #42</span> <-- Works!
<span class="tfPrice">Unusual Carouser's Capotain (Circling Heart)</span> <-- Works!
<span class="tfPrice">U. Circling Heart Carouser's Capotain</span> <-- Also works!
<span class="tfPrice">Circling Heart Carouser's Capotain</span> <-- Doesn't work.  Must prefix with "U." or "Unusual"


The config.php file is pretty self-explanatory. There is, however, one more change that may need to be made. The javascript file tftips.js uses the following line:

url: './tftips.php', // Grab price data from script...

Since this path is relative, it may or may not work for you. If you install in a subdirectory, don't forget to edit this line!


Built with jQuery and qTip2.

Data provided by and

A special thanks to the DrunkenBombers community for helping me debug.

Questions? Comments? Open an issue or send me an email at I'd love to hear any feedback, good or bad!

Version History


  • Item parsing no longer requires a price to be set on Will show "N/A" if no price found
  • Improved item lookup efficiency, especially with Unusuals
  • Refactored searching to be more readable and editable

The way searching works has changed considerably, so please open a ticket if an item isn't displaying correctly anymore.


  • Rewrote cronjob to be compatible with v4 of the API. Database table structure changed a bit due to this.
    • Added four new columns
      • currency - The currency the item's price is in (ex: metal, keys, earbuds, usd)
      • value_raw - The item's value in metal without rounding. If a price range exists, this is the average between the high and low value.
      • tradable - An enum denoting "Tradable" or "Non-Tradable"
      • craftable - An enum denoting "Craftable" or "Non-Craftable"
    • Changed value column units to currency rather than the default refined metal


Added Collector's items


Added support for jQuery's noConflict mode. This means tooltips can work on IPB now.

  • js/tftips.js - Changed instances of $ to jQuery, and pass $ as a parameter to qTip2


Bug fixes

  • tftips.php - Fixed Strange Bacon Grease showing up as a strange-quality item
  • tftips.php - Fixed Strange Parts showing up as strange-quality items
  • js/tftips.js - Fixed display of Strange Parts and Strange Bacon Grease
  • index.html - Added examples of non-strage strange-prefixed items


  • tftips.php - Fixed Scorching Flames unusuals returning Burning Flames
  • Marginally increased efficiency of unusual searching


Mostly bug fixes and some upgrades to support jQuery 1.9.0+.

  • backpack_db.php - New error checking added to relay API errors.
  • Fixed unusual effect "Orbiting Fire" from always attempting to find hats with "Eerie Orbiting Fire".
  • Fixed items with "Vintage" as part of the unique item name only showing vintage quality of items.
  • Fixed some line-wrap issues with tooltips
  • index.html - Updated example page to describe some features, and made it look a lot prettier.
  • jquery.qtip.min.js - Updated to support newer versions of jQuery.
  • Changed default width on tooltips to 410px
  • Changed default opacity of tooltips so they're more readable
  • Added the word "Series" before crate numbers
  • Added proper GPL headers.

The following files should be updated:

  • cron/backpack_db.php - For error handling
  • css/tftips.css - For new formatting
  • js/jquery.qtip.min.js - New qTip version to support jQuery versions 1.9.0+
  • js/tftips.js - Fix vintage parsing on Vintage Merryweather and Vintage Tyrolean (which aren't vintage-quality!)
  • tftips.php - Many bug fixes.


First release.