Simple Makefile for pdflatex-produced documents
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Latest commit f5984ed Dec 24, 2016 @ransford Restore .INTERMEDIATE pseudo-target for .aux files
This effectively reverts a change made to resolve #24 that removed the
.INTERMEDIATE target so that .aux files wouldn't get deleted automatically.  It
turns out that leaving those files instead of deleting them is bad, because in a
.pdf production process, several build stages generate .aux files, so if the
final target involves more than one of those stages, they end up leaving turds
back and forth on successive runs, and make never reaches a steady state.

Fixes #36

Quick Start

If your main file is mypaper.tex:

$ curl -O
$ cat > Makefile
include Makefile.include


Simple Makefile for typesetting papers using pdflatex.


  • Simple to use: just set TARGET=<yourpaper> and include Makefile.include. See the example/ directory for a usage example.
  • Supports multiple targets: set TARGETS=paper1 paper2 instead of TARGET.
  • Calculates dependencies sanely. Detects changes to included .tex and .bib files and rebuilds when appropriate.
  • Detects your revision control system (svn, git, hg) and defines a \Revision command you can use in your LaTeX markup to include a current revision identifier. Useful for circulating drafts for comment.
  • make view opens your typeset document.
  • Distills a camera-ready PDF (with fonts embedded): make distill
  • To generate a draft with the revision number in its filename (to pass around), use make snapshot.
  • Generate PDFs in the folder $(FIGS) (e.g., img/) from SVGs with Inkscape


This project is free software licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.