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Simple Makefile for pdflatex-produced documents
TeX Jupyter Notebook Makefile

Quick Start

If your main file is mypaper.tex:

$ curl -O
$ cat > Makefile
include Makefile.include


Simple Makefile for typesetting papers using pdflatex.


  • Simple to use: just set TARGET=<yourpaper> and include Makefile.include. See the example/ directory for a usage example.
  • Supports multiple targets: set TARGETS=paper1 paper2 instead of TARGET.
  • Calculates dependencies sanely. Detects changes to included .tex and .bib files and rebuilds when appropriate.
  • Detects your revision control system (svn, git, hg) and defines a \Revision command you can use in your LaTeX markup to include a current revision identifier. Useful for circulating drafts for comment.
  • make view opens your typeset document.
  • Distills a camera-ready PDF (with fonts embedded): make distill
  • To generate a draft with the revision number in its filename (to pass around), use make snapshot.
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