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Set a default startKey for IndexedSlicesPredicate

This mimics the behavior of IndexedSliceQuery, and allows users to
easily specify an empty startKey in the case of key types that don't
make it easy to get an "empty" value, e.g. UUID, by simply not setting
the startKey.
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commit 1c414ad4289d9714cbfd7048e8d94e842f10d180 1 parent bb4ab08
@jordanlewis jordanlewis authored
3  core/src/main/java/me/prettyprint/cassandra/service/template/
@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@ public IndexedSlicesPredicate(Serializer<K> keySerializer, Serializer<N> nameSer
return this;
public IndexClause toThrift() {
+ if (!indexClause.isSetStart_key()) {
+ indexClause.setStart_key(new byte[0]);
+ }
return indexClause;
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