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Changes by version:
-0.6.0 stands for cassandra's 0.6.0 version.
--12 stands for hector's version
+0.7.0 stands for cassandra's 0.7.0 version.
+-22 stands for hector's version
-0.6.0-* work well with cassandra's 0.6.*
+Versions above 0.7.0-17 work well with cassandra's 0.7.* (after 0.7.0-beta2)
Fix issue with LeastActiveBalancingPolicy that favoured same host repeatedly
Define ClockResolution as an Interface to allow client to define their own implementations
Added TimeUUID support (me.prettyprint.cassandra.utils.TimeUUIDUtils)
+Added updateColumnFamily to Cluster
+Shorterm fix for catching InvalidRequestException and handling it correctly for a bootstraping node

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