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Commits on Jan 25, 2011
Commits on Jan 23, 2011
  1. Fix code review comments from stephenc:

    Place the jar plugin version back at pluginManagement and remove it from its usage.
    See  bfa1bff
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
  1. @btoddb
Commits on Jan 19, 2011
  1. Format the file

Commits on Jan 18, 2011
  1. moved junit and mockito up to top level dir

    zznate authored
Commits on Jan 12, 2011
  1. added eclipse plugin for convinience

    zznate authored
Commits on Jan 10, 2011
  1. updated version to snapshot

    zznate authored
  2. fixed typo in scm url

    zznate authored
  3. fixed typo in scm url

    zznate authored
  4. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 0.7.0-1

    zznate authored
  5. update pom to cassandra release version

    zznate authored
Commits on Jan 7, 2011
  1. updated license info in pom

    zznate authored
Commits on Jan 6, 2011
  1. merge from stephenc fork

    zznate authored
  2. @stephenc

    adding object mapper back in

    stephenc authored
  3. @stephenc

    fix site dist url

    stephenc authored
  4. @stephenc
  5. @stephenc
  6. @stephenc
  7. @stephenc
  8. @stephenc

    Because the core hector library is produced as an OSGi bundle, we'd h…

    stephenc authored
    …ave to depend on it in object mapper with <type>bundle</type> but that could cause problems for down-stream consumers. I suspect the correct way to handle this is have the osgi bundle as a separate artifact or else osgi-ify the object mapper module as well.
  9. @stephenc
  10. @stephenc
Commits on Dec 20, 2010
  1. first round of pom consolidation

    zznate authored
Commits on Dec 18, 2010
  1. initial import of object-mapper from btoddb. Package rename and pom a…

    zznate authored
    …djustment. All tests green.
  2. updated version numbers, added CHANGELOG line

    zznate authored
  3. added version tag back in

    zznate authored
  4. removed snapshot from parent pom, added version to child. could not m…

    zznate authored
    …ake previous config work correctly in nexus
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