Quickstart/Seed for using Microsoft's AAD Authentication with Angular (2/4).
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Angular 2/4 ADAL Quickstart

An Angular quickstart with ng2-adal (a module based on angular2-adal) plugged in.

If this doesn't work with Angular 2, you can find an example for it on the Angular2 branch.



This repository has been updated to use Angular v4 and ng2-adal v2.0.0. Since there were no tests written for the quickstart example, I have removed them - you can integrate your own testing framework.

How to Use

  1. Rename app/services/secret.service.ts.template to app/services/secret.service.ts and add your tenant and client ID.
  2. Remove secret.service.ts from .gitignore
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run npm start

Getting Token as a String

Use services/auth.service.ts. This token needs to be passed as a header for REST service authentication.


I am not actively maintaining this repository (although, I will update it once in a while in case of breaking changes in the library or a major update).
If you're interested in contributing, do raise an issue/PR and have a look at the CONTRIBUTING.md.

Here's what you could help me do:

  • Webpack integration
  • Gulp/Grunt/Bower integration
  • Tests/CI