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Global Illumination with Renderman Ranveer Aggarwal (120050020) Abhinav Gupta (120050029)


##Introduction We generate a scene with a few objects and a transformer developed previously, in renderman. Then we experiment with various Global Illumination phenomena like Color Bleeding, caustics, soft and hard shadows etc.

HTML Report:

##Dependencies Renderman Pro Server 19 python 2.*

##How to run Execute make by


in this directory to generate the file display-transformer.tif. This is the final rendered file containing the scene.

##File structure The main code begins from trans.rib. Then we use separate files to generate the transformer (body.rib), the are lights (arealights.rib), the caustics and of course the shaders.

##Shaders We use the following shaders in this assignment:

  • shadowlight: This is a light source shader which causes local illumination at a point only when the poing is unoccluded by any other object.
  • diffsurf: This is a surface shader with local illumination, indirect lighting and caustics (From a cuastic map).
  • texsurf: This is a surface shader much like diffsurf, except, the illumination is used as a weight for a color obtained from a texture map
  • metal: This is a surface shader which has a high specular component and high reflectivity. The shader calls the trace function to raytrace the reflection.
  • transparent: This is a surface shader with very low local illumination and reflection. Most of the light is refracted and raytraced.

##Effects The following required effects were achieved in the assignment:

  • Color Bleeding: Using indirect illumination in the diffsurf and texsurf shaders.
  • Area Lights and Soft Shadows: Placing multiple point lights closely.
  • Texture Mapping: Using the texture function in texsurf shader.
  • Caustics: Photon mapping the scene to generate a caustic map and then adding it to the illumination.
  • Transparent and Metallic Surfaces: Using the transparent and metal shaders respectively.


  • Pixar!
  • The RenderMan Docs
  • Rohan Prinja

Note: No plagiarism in the assignment. No extra days were used for the assignment.