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Card Fighters' Clash plugin for OCTGN

Card Fighters' Clash is a card game for two players based on SNK Playmore’s video game SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters' Clash 2 Expand Edition. Players try to defeat each other playing powerful characters from video games licensed by Capcom and SNK Playmore.

This is a game definition plugin for the free card game engine Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). This plugin allows online playing and creation of CFC decks.

Official plugin site:

The python scripts are based on the game definitions by db0.


The project uses Rake to automate some tasks, available through the the following commands:

  • rake build Builds a .o8g and a .nupkg file from the game definition files using o8build.exe.
  • rake deploy Builds and moves the NUPKG file to the OCTGN LocalFeed directory.
  • rake copy Copies python files to the game's script folder under OCTGN's games database folder. Useful when debugging your game along with the built-in functionality to reload python scripts.
  • rake test Verifies the files as a valid game definition.
  • rake versionbump Increases the build number by 1 in the definition.xml file.
  • rake octgn Runs OCTGN in dev mode, in the table view with the CFC plugin loaded.
  • rake docs Converts Markdown documents in Documents/ folder into HTML files.

Use bundler to install the dependencies.


Released under the GNU General Public License version 3.