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Card Fighters' Clash Changelog


Enabled card automations.


Bug fixes.
New action shuffleIntoDeck().
Improved gameplay.


Highlight compatible back-ups in the hand.
Added game phases to show the Phase Toolbar.
More accurate label name for custom action in the contextual menu.


Added decks from the video game.
Adjusted the SP cost of character cards.


Added GUID to cards of core set.
Store transformed card in a global variable.
Reviewed SP of some cards.


Using Python API.
Improved documentation.

New action: Put card in the Discards pile into the Kill pile.
New action swapAbilities().

Update Shadow card rules.
Change Last resort card rules.
Fix restore card transformed multiple times to its original.
New action toHandAll().

Fix position and index of backup cards when moving backed-up card.
Show unicode symbols of the abilities in the message boxes.
Action that changes BP now affects groups of cards.

Restore transformed card if it goes to a pile.
trash() now remembers the last user's input.
Adds rearrange action (like Scry from Magic).
Ask user for a (empty) slot.

Use extendedAPI to remove ability and generate the proxy.
Copy ability between character cards.
Remove/Add ability to characters. Transform cards into another card.

Adds overlay block to hold the image crop.
Put card in arena faced down.
Apply Attack Damage automation.

Random pick card from ring of chosen type.
Remove check of deck size. Check four-card limit.
Add reset (scoop) table action.

Improved Attack and United Attack actions.
Card action to list accepted back-ups.
Block attackers with exactly 1 char.
Same action to do an Attack or a United Attack.

Add new Attack phase.
Handle card movement events (manual and from script).
Fix error chars placed on wrong slot index.

New menu actions.
Fixed some crashes.
Game play improvements.

Fix backup placement for player with inverted table.
Change logo, group icons and card back.
Global phase idx, multiplayer game improvements.

New Empty Slot card image.
Fix Tron Bonne ability trigger.

Fix Kasumi text rules.
Activate card effect.
More game automations.

New script markers.
Attack automations.

Replace custom form with System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.
Play cards automations.

Play character cards and backups (buggy).
Lots of changes.
Resize subtype images.
Add ability symbols to fonts.
Proxy definition.