Drawing tool on a HTML5 canvas. No frameworks, just plain JavaScript.
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Ephemeral Random Drawing Tool

A sample tool to show the basics of the HTML5 Canvas API, coded in plain JavaScript. No libraries except for the requestAnimationFrame polyfill.

Move the mouse or use the keyboard arrows to draw random shapes of random colours and random size with an endless paint brush, in a canvas that erases itself. Your drawings while lasts a few seconds on the screen, that becomes an random, ephemeral work of art.

Starg drawing!


  • Change the settings of the paint brush or the canvas in the settings dialog at the top right of the screen.
  • Press Ctrl+S to save a snapshot of the canvas in PNG format (it will donwload automatically or prompt to save the file).
  • Press P key or double click on the canvas to pause or resume the endless paint brush.

Browser Support

Compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. Older IE versions are not supported and the application may crash.
Not tested on mobile devices.


The gulp file contains tasks to build a production version of the tool (concat and minify CSS and JS, copy assets, lint JavaScript files).

Available tasks:

  • grunt runs JSHint.
  • grunt build builds the production version with the source minified (run with --dev to minify nothing).


Released under the WTFPL license.