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An audio synthesizer in JavaScript build with Web Audio API
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Simple Synthesizer with Web Audio API

An audio synthesizer build with Web Audio API.

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It uses the OscillatorNode or white noise to generate a sound, which can be manipulated with the different AudioNode the API exposes.

This tool was built by means of learning how to generate sounds in the modern browsers. Do not expect a polished code or excellent performance.


  • Clone the repository
  • Open src/index.html

Browser Support

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Essentially any browser that understands ECMAScript 2015+ and the Web Audio API.

A Note on the Impulse Responses

The impulse response sounds used for the ConvolverNode are encoded in Base64 and placed under src/js/impulses/. The original sound files are provided for free thanks to Samplicty.


Released under The MIT License (MIT).

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