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Node.js API Wrapper


About 7digital is an online music store operating in over 16 countries and offering more than 11 million high quality DRM free MP3s (320kbps) from all major labels and wide range of idependent labels and distributors. 7digital API will give you access to the full catalogue including high quality album art, 30s preview clips for all tracks, commissions on sales, integrated purchasing and full length streaming. More details at


A serverside javascript wrapper round the 7digital API with the ability to return XML or JSON responses.


The easiest way to use this wrapper is to install it via npm

npm install 7digital-api

or globally

sudo npm install -g 7digital-api 

If you have a clean checkout of the code, you must update the git submodules before installing:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Then you can install via npm as usual (for npm >=1.0)

npm install  ../path/to/checkout


See the examples folder for examples of how to use this. If you have included 7digital-api in your dependencies in the package.json file, you can use the like so:

var api = require('7digital-api'),
    artists = new api.Artists();

artists.getReleases({ artistid: 1 }, function(err, data) {

If you need to supply your own config or want JSON, you do so like this:

var api, artists;

api = require('7digital-api').configure({
    format: 'JSON',
    oauthkey: 'MY_KEY_HERE',
    oauthsecret: 'MY_SECRET_HERE',

artists = new api.Artists();

artists.getReleases({ artistid: 1 }, function(err, data) {


The 7digital wrapper currently only supports the portions of the API which do not require OAUTH authentication.

To run the tests:

cd spec && node specs.js

To run the json proxy and API explorer:

node server.js
curl http://localhost:3000/artist/details?artistid=1

Please note, This has only really been tested with recent versions of node (>=0.3.1). If you have problems with older versions of node, please try upgrading. You may want to try n if you want to manage multiple versions of node.

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