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RAD|io : Radio Administration Deck

RAD|io aims to be a full web interface to create and administrate your web radio. It was created to be used for the RadioZeroZero web radio, and for the moment, it is quite tied to the RadioZeroZero source code.

What it is at the moment

It is a full Django/Python application, that provides both a backend for administrating your radio, and a frontend site (with news section, and various things). You can take a look at what the front-end looks like on the RadioZeroZero website.

Installation process is fully undocumented, and almost downright impossible for anybody else than myself. If you wan't to try it anyway, here are some of the important dependencies :

I'm probably forgetting some right now, streamlining the dependencies is on my todo list.

What it aims to be and TODO LIST

RAD|io aims to be just the administration side of the current code base. The todo list to reach that stage is :

  • Remove the front end part of the web-site
  • Create a public facing REST API (probably with tastypie) which enables the access of useful radio information (number of listeners, current playing song, and a lot of other things) in order to create fully featured user facing radio sites.
  • Adapt the front end to use the api, maybe do a separate open-source project with it.
  • I18nize the interface. For the moment it's all hard coded french ! (i know, yuck ...)
  • Then, and then only, add new features ! Because there are a lot more features i want to add to RAD|io

Screenshots !

Main screen Main screen

Playlist editing Playlist editing

Planning editing Planning editing

Installation instructions

Not done yet ...