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Libsoundio Ada bindings

This is a set of bindings to Libsoundio, a cross-platform/cross-toolkit sound input and output library. See for more information.

For the moment the bindings are pretty basic. To use them, just include soundio.gpr to your own project, and make sure to add -lsoundio to your linker switches. You can check the example to have more details.

In time I will try to provide idiomatic Ada bindings. Stay tuned !


You need a GNAT toolchain at least. You can also build libsoundio yourself or use the build script to build it automatically.


You can build it by hand or use the build script this way, if you are on a fairly standard linux distribution. There's even a chance it'll work on cygwin, although I did not test it.

$ ./build.script

After that, you still need to put libsoundio in your library path, which you can do by sourcing the file.

All the build script does is build libsoundio for you. If you want you can alternatively build libsoundio yourself, install it manually, and just compile ada-soundio by running:

$ gprbuild -p -P soundio.gpr


Ada bindings for libsoundio



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