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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from cms.models.pagemodel import Page
from cms.plugin_base import CMSPluginBase
from cms.plugin_pool import plugin_pool
from cmsplugin_htmlsitemap import models
import re
class HtmlSitemapPlugin(CMSPluginBase):
"""HTML Sitemap CMS plugin."""
name = _('HTML Sitemap')
model = models.HtmlSitemap
render_template = 'cmsplugin_htmlsitemap/sitemap.html'
def render(self, context, instance, placeholder):
site = Site.objects.get_current()
pages = Page.objects.published(site=site).order_by('tree_id', 'lft')
pages = pages.filter(level__gte=instance.level_min, level__lte=instance.level_max)
if not instance.in_navigation is None:
pages = pages.filter(in_navigation=instance.in_navigation)
if instance.match_created_by:
pages = pages.filter(created_by=instance.match_created_by)
if instance.match_title:
pages = pages.filter(title_set__title__contains=instance.match_title)
if instance.match_url:
pat = re.compile(instance.match_url, re.IGNORECASE)
pages = [ p for p in pages if ]
return context
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