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Releases: raphael-group/wext

v1.3.0: Additional test statistics and accumulated updates

03 Jan 14:41
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  • Add arbitrary test statistics to new script, including predefined exclusivity, any co-occurrence, and all co-occurrence statistics -- see the WExT wiki for details.
  • Add more accessible random seed to script for mutation matrix permutations.
  • Add optional FDR threshold to new script to limit output to statistically significant sets.
  • Add additional examples, including those for new test statistics.
  • Update documentation.

v1.2.0: Accumulated updates since ECCB/Bioinformatics 2016 release

16 Nov 20:04
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This version of WExT includes accumulated updates after the last release, including

  • bug fixes,
  • a more accurate mutation probability/weight matrix,
  • new examples, and
  • documentation updates.

1.1.0: Experiments for camera-ready ECCB/Bioinformatics 2016

22 Jun 14:30
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  • Use Fortran to generate permuted matrices
  • Rename tests: "weighted" -> "WRE", "unweighted" -> "RE", "permutational" -> "RCE"
  • Update experiments to use renaming and to match new table/figure numbers
  • Other, minor changes

1.0.0: ECCB 2016 submission

12 May 15:01
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Initial release of the weighted exclusivity test code, including a script of commands for reproducing the experiments from the ECCB 2016 submission.