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Data on religion and politics in India


This table contains a list of candidates and their likely religion for the 2017 Vidhan Sabha election in Uttar Pradesh, guessed with the name2community algorithm.


name description
id unique code for each row, in case one ever needs it
ac_id_09 ID code of the assembly segment assigned by the Election Commission (identical with all other post-delimitation codes, hence the _09)
candidate_*_name_17 Name of the candidate running for party * (this being the long party name concatenated, unless its for one of the major contenders which go by 'bsp', 'bjp', 'inc' and 'sp')
candidate_*_religion_17 Likely religion of the candidate running for party * (note that this is just a "best bet" based on the social connotations of the candidate's name, not a fact-checked statement!)
candidate_*_religion_certainty_17 Certainty index of likely religion of the candidate running for party * (a measure to eliminate false matches; see README of the name2community algorithm)

Raw data

Raw data was originally downloaded from http://affidavitarchive.nic.in on February 24, 2017 and prepared for inclusion into the dataset using download.pl.


While the database in its entirety is subject to an ODC Open Database License, as explained in the main README and LICENSE files, the content of this specific table is partly factual data and partly experimental, and as such only subject to a simple ODC Database Contents License. Code used for compilation is subject to a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.