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Data on religion and politics in India


This table contains booth-level (form 20) results for the 2007 Vidhan Sabha election in Uttar Pradesh.


name description
id unique code for each row, in case one ever needs it
ac_id_07 ID code of the assembly segment assigned by the Election Commission
booth_id_07 ID code of the polling booth assigned by the Election Commission (together with ac_id_07, this should suffice for matching with other tables)
electors_07 Number of registered electors
turnout_07 Number of actual voters
turnout_percent_07 turnout_07 divided by electors_07
male_votes_07 Number of male voters
female_votes_07 Number of female voters
female_votes_percent_07 female_votes_07 divided by turnout_07
votes_*_07 Number of votes polled by party *
votes_*_percent_07 votes_*_07 divided by turnout_07

Raw data

Originally, this data was crawled using on October 13, 2012 from

The data came in excel files, which I manually copy-and-pasted into results.csv since the format differed too much for any automated solution. This file was then cleaned up and an SQL dump prepared through for integration into the main database


While the database in its entirety is subject to an ODC Open Database License, as explained in the main README and LICENSE files, the content of this specific table is factual data, and as such only subject to a simple ODC Database Contents License. Code used for crawling and compilation is subject to a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.