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Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. major tweak list

    issues addressed:
      * Atmega Circuit
       1. PWR_EN from sat connector net not connected to any I/O pin on
       * Fuel Gauge Circuit
       1. VBATT (BATT) voltage sense trace for the MAX17047 should be a
    Kelvin connection - needs to be split and routed separately from the
    current carrying portion of trace to a point close to the battery input
       2. CVBATT (C_BM1) should be connected to VBATT's separate kelvin
    line and PK-/CSP, not to main current carrying line and GND
       3. CREG (C_BM2) capacitor should be connected to PK-/CSP not GND.
    (Figs 5 and 8 data sheet)
       4. THMST_BM should be connected to PK-/CSP- not GND (Fig 5 data
       5. PAD should be connected to PK-/CSP not GND
        * JTAG Connector
       1. EAGLE footprint was provided from TC company with incorrect pin
    mapping.  Actual numbers should be down-and-up not zig-zag-across.
    Need to fix library footprint and re-route traces, for reference, the
    TC2050-IDC data sheet is correctly numbered in all views.
        * PCB layout general
       1. All pads in copper pours need thermal cutouts
    committed Jan 2, 2013
Commits on Dec 20, 2012