Maven plugin to deploy applications to JBoss AS 7
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A simple Maven plug-in to deploy, redeploy or undeploy your web application to JBoss AS7.

Example Usage:
        <!-- Deploy's the application with the default name of the archive file -->

Configuration information can also be specified. The following configurations are available:
- <name /> The name you want to use for the deployment. This defaults to the file name.

- <hostname /> The host name of the server. The default is localhost.

- <port /> The port the server is listening for administration requests on. The default is 9999.

- <username /> The username to connect as if prompted to authenticate by the server.

- <password /> The password to use for authentication if prompted by the server.

- <force /> Whether or not for force the actions, e.g. if the deploy goal is executed redeploy if it already exists. The default is true.

  - Deploys the application.

  - Redeploys the application.

  - Undeploys the application.

Plugin documentation is at