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Open source click and copy user interface interactions.
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UI interactions

contributions welcome

Ready-to-use UI interactions using only one element and pure CSS. Because we love UI interactions and CSS!

Check it out

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Personally, I love to give feedback to the user during a web experience. A simple click in a button and a lot of stuff could happen in the page. So, why don't help/guide the user to understand what is happening in the UI to make the whole experience nicer?

  • ☝️ Only one tag per component (usually a button).
  • ❤️ Pure CSS.

How does it work?

All the components have two states: the default and the active state. The state toggle occurs based on a class is-active.


More info here.

Spreading the world

Companies/projects using ui-interactions.

Soon, I hope! 😝


The code is available under the MIT License.

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