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Draws the Instagram iTunes Artwork using only CoreGraphics.
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CoreGraphicsInstagramArtwork README


Draws the Instagram iTunes Artwork using only CoreGraphics.

A while back Instagram had on their jobs webpage for applicants the extra bonus "single drawRect function for a single 400x400 UIView that does something magical", I liked the challenge and decided to approximate the Instagram logo itself.

It features ~700 LOC CoreGraphics drawing code, including a quick implementation of multiplicative monochrome normal distributed saturated noise, usage of blending modes, shadows, gradients, smoothing radial gradients through clipping, and bezier paths with arcs for reflections.

Back then I had fun doing it and now found this dusty piece of code, cleaned it up a bit and like to share it.

Screen Shots

Screen Shot iPad Screen Shot iPhone

Raphael Schaad, 2010-2011

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