Pinwatcher is a little script that allows you to regularly backup pinned pictures to your drive.
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NOTE: installation script does not work as expected. Please install by filling your username in the php and plist files and manually loading the plist file with launchctl -w file].

Pinwatcher is a little script that allows you to regularly backup Pinterest pictures from a profile to your drive.

What does it do?

Pinwatcher retrieve, every hours (by default), the last 50 pins of a Pinterest user's profile and save only new pins to the local drive.


  • Command-line php
  • Job manager (cron for example, or launchd under OS X)

Installation (OS X)

(tested on OS X 10.9 only)

  • Open your shell client ( for example)
  • Go to your freshly downloaded Pinwatcherdirectory

cd /path/to/Pinwatcher

  • Execute the installation script


  • You can now delete the folder if you wish, as Pinwatcher is installed in ~/Library/Application Support/Pinwatcher

cd .. && rm -rf Pinwatcher/

Pinwatcher will check every hour (by default) if new pictures have been pinned to the specified user's profile and save them!

Installed files

Every installed files are in the following directory

~/Application Support/Pinwatcher

Symbolic links are created to

~/Library/LaunchAgents/ ~/Library/Logs/


  • Uninstall script